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Much too often sales teams hunt down great leads but are unable to follow up and convert them into lucrative businesses. This could be due to multiple reasons; they lose track, are swarmed with labor-intensive work which they feel are more important, they tend to give up after one or two calls or they themselves are uninterested in closing the sale. It is impossible to keep track of all your sales people all the time and even for the best sales team, the extent of manual work and the rigor with which they need to follow up can be daunting. Using a good CRM software package can solve most if not all of these problems. Read on to find out how Apptivo’s cloud CRM software can ease your sales process automation worries.

Upload Leads Automatically


Most sales officers own an Excel spreadsheet that is worth a fortune for them. They have multiple print outs, backups and against the company’s wishes; they even have a copy of it on their laptop at home. Say goodbye to this primitive way of maintaining records as Apptivo offers a feature where a CSV (comma separated values) file can be uploaded on to the CRM software for sales management and have all the customers’ details in one safe platform. A traditional Excel file can be transformed into a CSV file within minutes with minimal technical know-how. Once a lifetime’s worth of leads are uploaded on to the Apptivo CRM software, you would be one your way to enhanced profitability, improved customer satisfaction, and greater organizational efficiency.

Connect Your Website’s Web Form


Does your company have a website and a contact us page? Almost everyone will answer in the affirmative to this question. Question number two is tricky; does someone monitor and respond to the inquiries that you receive through that contact us page, at least once a day? If you are falling short here, know that you are not alone. However, for a prospective customer of your company, this is not good news. The Apptivo sales CRM software is capable of integrating the web form into itself and adding it to the same pool of leads for the sales team to monitor and follow up. Thus, eliminating the need for a back-office staff member to be assigned to check the inquiries on a daily basis and respond. This saves you lots of money and more importantly places the leads in the hands of the correct people; your sales team.

Respond Immediately and Follow Up Automatically


The intuitive and intelligent emailing facility can easily be called the best email CRM software in town. No sooner a lead is entered through any one of the available options; the system generates a welcome email and sends it to the potential customer to remind him or her of the discussion. The content within this email can be created to suit the culture, style, and stature of your organization. The system can be configured to send out a reminder email or multiple reminder emails if the customer does not respond within a particular time frame. You and your sales team need not fret about missing out on a lead or forgetting to follow up as the system takes over the headaches.

Assign Leads Automatically


Once a lead is generated, the system automatically assigns it to someone if not specified manually. This ensures that no lead falls in no man’s land and is actively looked after by a competent sales officer. This also solves any issues of favouritism or overloading of work.

Lead Qualification


Leads have a life cycle, in other words, they go through multiple stages before they culminate in fruitful businesses or are rescinded. Depending on the nature of your business, you would have your own typical sequence of events that take place in between these two ends. Through the Apptivo CRM, the various stages, the events in each stage and the sequence can be easily mapped out for everyone in the team to follow. This makes it easier for company procedures to be implemented throughout the organization irrespective of the turn of events and ensures uniformity in practice among the entire sales team.

Being one of the most affordable CRM software packages in the market, these are features that can halve your back office efforts helping your bottom line significantly. A flexible and easily configurable system such as Apptivo also gives you the much-needed edge over your competition.

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